A story about “I”

Adults have an air intake of up to 20-30 kg a day.
As we all know, air is the most important material for the maintenance of life.
Medicine shows that breathing natural fresh air can promote blood circulation. However, the issue of air quality has always eroded our lives…

The World Health Organization survey found that nearly half of the world’s people are in indoor air pollution, and the number of people who have died every year in indoor environmental pollution has reached 4 million.

The World Health Organization survey found that indoor environmental pollution has caused. 35.7% of respiratory diseases; 22% of chronic lung diseases; 15% of bronchitis, bronchitis and lung cancer.

“I” is derived from the air pollution environment and carries the major mission of environmental purification. People call “I” [Olansi Air Purifier k08]

“I” adopts a seven purifications of the five filters to introduce the technology developed by Olansi, which can effectively decompose formaldehyde, and the decomposition rate continues to be as high as 99%. The long-term removal efficiency of formaldehyde is 3 times that of conventional air purifiers.

1.Aluminum alloy filter
It purifiers dust particles above 5 microns. Multi-layer corrugated aluminum mesh, low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity, long service life. Can be repeatedly cleaned and reused. The easy heat dissipation performance extends the life of the fan motor.

2.Cold catalyst filter
Can break down a variety of harmful gases. The cold catalyst can simultaneously catalyze the reaction of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases with oxygen in the air to catalyze and generate water and carbon dioxide.

3.Honeycomb activated carbon filter
Through-hole structure is adopted, plastic honeycomb is used as skeleton, activated carbon particles are used as a medium, and organic gases such as volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde are adsorbed.

4.Antibacterial cotton filter
The use of the United States imported diameter fiber nonwovens, removal of suspended dust particles, worms, microorganisms, with antibacterial, moisture-proof, anti-mildew, not easy to breed bacteria and so on.

5.HEPA filter
Using high-temperature melt-blown fiber drawing, the filtration accuracy is 99.9%, and the filter pore size is 0.01um. It can eliminate mold, dust, allergens and viruses.

6.Ultraviolet sterilization
Speed ​​up the eradication of viruses, bacteria, etc.

7.Anion release
Dust and dust, remove static electricity. Improve air quality and multiple health functions.

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