Office,the place we spend more than 8 hours a day.Is the air there clean?

For office workers
The most places to stay are not homes but offices
From time to time overtime, overnight
It is already one of the normals of modern people.
Stayed in office for more than 8 hours
Sometimes it will be even longer.

Work occupied most of our time
Only a few hours left to spend time with family
Life is alive, only live once
It’s hard enough to work.
So why not improve your quality of life as much as possible?

There are many indoor pollutants that we don’t know about in a tall, clean and tidy office building. These indoor pollutions become “healthy killers” invisible. Do you know these office killers? Or did you notice it?

For offices that have been waiting for us for a long time, maintaining indoor air quality is the top priority. Where are the pollutants in these offices? Decoration pollution is a part of it. The main focus is on office furniture that is centrally distributed. Most of these office furniture are made of artificial boards. Such as indoor particleboard, density board, plywood, etc., these artificial boards contain formaldehyde, toluene and other substances.

Formaldehyde, benzene: produced by office decoration and furniture and paper

Office desks, chairs, partitions, wallpaper wall coverings, and laminate floors may emit formaldehyde, carpets may emit formaldehyde and dichlorobenzene, and a group of paint brushed cabinets are the main source of benzene, toluene, and xylene volatilization. The leather sofa in the conference room can also release a variety of “toxic gases” such as formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC that can contaminate the entire room. Even papers stacked in the office for a long time and books add an additive called “rubber”, which is also the source of indoor formaldehyde.

Ozone : Produced by copiers, printers and computers

Printers and copiers have an electrostatic effect in the working state, which will excite the oxygen in the air into ozone. The ozone reaches a certain concentration and has a stimulating effect on the person itself. Therefore, in a space where photocopiers and printers are used intensively, without paying attention to window ventilation, the concentration of ozone and nitrogen oxides in the room will increase, which will bring about some irritations, resulting in problems such as sore throat, eye pain, dry eyes, and even tears.

Dust : Produced by copiers and air conditioners

When the copier is working, it produces dust that is invisible to the naked eye. The work of air-conditioning has dispersed dust throughout the office. This dust also has a lot of toner. Inhaling these dusts into the lungs can cause damage to the human body. It can also cause rhinitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis.


A large number of studies have shown that a variety of volatile organic compounds and ammonia and other irritant gases can be released during the use of detergents. This affects indoor air quality and the health of cleaning personnel and other indoor personnel. It is one of the sources of pollution that causes poor building syndrome.

In summer, people basically live and work in an air-conditioned environment to prevent them from cooling off. Most of the windows are closed. This makes the indoor ventilation situation worse, the air exchange rate is relatively low. It will allow more accumulation of formaldehyde in the entire room.

These invisible killers are always harmful to human health. The dangers of sub-health in the workplace are lurking in the workplace at all times. Therefore, workplace white-collar workers must guard against office air pollution!

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