Why choose Olansi? Air purifier, Water purifier OEM /ODM Expert

Olansi Health Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of China’s health home appliance industry. We are developing, designing and producing enterprises with air purifier, household water purifier, hydrogen rich aquatic product and disinfectant machine. To promote the development of China’s healthy household appliances industry as a solid backing for the vast number of enterprises and families to provide a healthier life of household appliances.

Olansi factory

We pursue a win-win business philosophy. Not only has its own R & D center, but also the quality of high and new management personnel. At present, our products have no products in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Australia Lance is the leader of the field of health household appliances. We integrate a huge development platform to achieve greater value for the partners. Under the concept of common development, we will further achieve win-win cooperation.


Scale advantage

Located near Guangzhou South Railway Station, the company has three main production bases with a total area of more than 60,000 square meters and an annual output of 5.5 million pieces. There are about 200 kinds of products. We are the OEM and ODM manufacturer of world mass production.


Brand advantage


Through CQC, ROSH, CE, CB, ISO9001:2008 certification, we have obtained the title of high-tech enterprises, China Compulsory Product Certification and 3C national health license certificate, in the purification of products and the model of hydrogen rich products industry.


Technical advantage

We have an international perspective, focusing on technology development, and focusing on product innovation and research and development.Olansi  and several domestic famous universities (Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology) and China CDC joint technology research on water purification, air purification, hydrogen rich water and so on, the advantages of more than 100 patent technologies at home level To lead the trade and promote the development of the industry.


Product advantage

Product quality is the driving force of enterprise development. We have a large amount of funds to introduce, transform and improve the latest and best foreign technology, Australia Lance has more than 100 of the most domestic instruments and equipment. The testing ability of products accords with the standards of authoritative inspection institutions, and ensures the superiority of products in the industry.


Production advantage

The annual output of about 5000000 product productivity customers brings higher value. The international level of the dust free workshop, the advanced ERP manufacturing system, and perfect the computer detection system, is accurate, efficient, high standard production procedures, the realization of the dealers most want to see.


Professional advantage

We have been committed to the professional production of household water purifiers, air purifiers, hydrogen-rich water products since the establishment of the enterprise. Every year, we collect samples from different parts of the country, and develop different products according to the difference of water quality and air quality. Differentiated and targeted technologies have won many honors at home and abroad. We have won the well-known international enterprises to cooperate with each other.


Cooperative advantage

Water purifier and air purifier, hydrogen rich aquatic products in the market, who master the high quality products please make up the first opportunity, we have the absolute R & D and production capacity of the manufacturer is the home page of the dealer occupying industry


Price advantage

Only by combining the interests of enterprises and individuals perfectly can we create amazing wealth and maximize the interests of partners.

We have our own injection molding workshop, filter core workshop, etc. There are hundreds of series of products, including high, medium and low grade, suitable for different consumer groups. The product quality and price have a strong competitive advantage.


Service advantage

In addition to providing customized solutions for customers, we have a variety of after-sales service processes, all-weather services in a timely response to help partners solve management problems.


Marketing advantage

We are determined to be excellent enterprises in the industry, participate in all kinds of marketing training institutions, study the management model of the top 500 enterprises in the world, build the leading business model and enterprise management system, and provide the management system and marketing means for the partners. A staff member that allows the management of a partner.

If you want to learn more, warmly welcome to visit our factory.


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