What’s the Difference? Air Purifier vs Air Conditioner

What’s the Difference? Air Purifier vs Air Conditioner

What is an Air Purifier?
Air purifiers are used for health reasons. Air purifiers remove pollutants and other particles from indoor air. This includes particulates that have a negative impact on human health such as allergens, dust, smoke, animal dander, bacteria, mold spores, pollen and more.

There are two main types of air purifiers:

Those that use a dense filter to collect particulate matter. The offical name is a “HEPA filter.”
Those that use electrostatic methods to remove contaminants from the air. These go by the name “ionic air purifiers” or “ionizers.”

What is an Air Conditioner?
Air conditioners are used for comfort reasons. Air conditioners cool down a home by drawing hot air out of a room and pumping cold air back in. Air conditioners can change the temperature, humidity and general quality of indoor air

Air purifiers don’t remove heat or humidity from the air like air conditioners do. Instead, these devices clean the air around you by filtering contaminants (dust, pollen, bacteria, etc.) that cause respiratory and other health-related issues.

Some air purifiers use a fan to draw air into the unit in order to trap particulate matter and this same fan blows fresh air back into the room. This process can create a cool breeze like you would feel from a rotary fan, but it’s just a side effect and not designed to cool down a room.

Air conditioners work to remove heat and humidity from a room, and some do have a slight air purifying effect. These devices lower the temperature in a room by drawing hot air out and exhausting it to outdoors. Cold air is then pumped back into the space.

During the air conditioning process, air travels through a grille that’s outfitted with an air filter. The purpose of this filter is to prevent airborne particles from damaging the internal air conditioner parts.

Some pollutants (dust, pollen, bacteria, etc.) are trapped in the filter and air purification does happen, however, the efficiency is nowhere near that of an air purifier. Air conditioner filters can’t capture fine particles like an air purifier filter can.

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