What is air purifier functional?

What are the functions of the air purifier?

First of all, according to the experts, the indoor air pollution index will be higher than the outdoor, this may be considered by many people. Air purifiers are used to purify indoor air and have a certain role. The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, a fan, an air filter and the like. The working principle is that the motor and the fan in the machine circulate the indoor air, and the polluted air passes through the air filter in the machine to remove various pollutants. Or adsorption, some models of air purifiers will also be equipped with a negative ion generator at the air outlet to continuously ionize the air, generate a large number of negative ions, and be sent by the micro fan to form a negative ion airflow to achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air.

Air purifier

Second, air purifiers are widely used. Air purifiers are used in home, medical, and industrial fields. Home-based household air purifiers are the mainstream products in the market. The most important function is to remove particulate matter in the air, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, etc., and also solve the problem of air pollution of indoor and underground spaces and volatile organic compounds in the car due to decoration or other reasons. The use of air purifiers to purify indoor air is one of the internationally recognized methods for improving indoor air quality due to the persistence and uncertainty of the release of air pollutants in relatively closed spaces. So these will be very good.


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