HEPA H13 filter technology

Olansi, an air purifier  plant focused on air and water purification for 10 years, has been carefully researched and developed for many years. The filtration technology of HEPA catch up with and even excess international technology level, attracting many famous brands customers and promote the coopration chances.

Olansi  HEPA filtration technology uses a HEPA H13 filter to capture 0.3 micron ultra-fine dust up to 99.97 percent. Among them, dust and microorganisms include smoke, pet dander and the like.
Olansi HEPA filtration technology uses 5-stage filtration: The Olan K01 model air purifier has 5 levels of filtration to ensure that your home air is fresh and clean. A good purification effect of the combined filtration system includes mesh filter, H13 filter, activated carbon, UV-C light level and ionizer work to purify the air further.
The Olansi K01 is an enhanced filtration air purifier: built-in air ionization produces negative ion particles that help remove airborne microbes and reduce the occurrence of electron static buildup. In addition, this mode features a sensor that automatically detects particles that can enter the lungs (particles), automatically adjusting air quality and flow.

The powerful filtration stage of Olansi K01 air purifier:
1. Pre-filter to capture larger particles such as hair and pet dander
2, H13 filter removes 99.97 percent of ultrafine particles, dust and microorganisms
3, activated carbon filter to remove odor, chemicals and pollutants to provide fresh, clean air
4. Negative ion generators release negatively charged molecules attached to positively charged air particles, allowing them to purify microorganisms and pollutants in air that improve air quality.
5, UV-C light helps to eliminate microorganisms and other pollutants in the air

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