Hydrogen water

Is hydrogen-rich water equal to alkaline ionized water?

We all know that the human body is composed of 60%~70% of water, and our environmental pollution is serious today. Water pollution problems are obvious to all. For people’s drinking water health, Get a rich hydrogen water cup. In people’s eyes, hydrogen-rich water is no different from alkaline ionized water. However, according to data from […]

recommended air purifiers

Olansi specialize in OEM ODM air purifier,water purifier,hydrogen water since 2009. Below is the recommended air purifiers. please visit www.olansigroup.com for more information

smart air purifier with voice control

One of the most important factors affecting our health is the quality of the air we breathe. We all know that some grim statistics show that polluted air can have a negative effect on our life span. However, the body has little ability to tell us that as an effect of air pollution, something is […]

Olansi newest portable air purifier K09A

Newest portable model K09A is releasing recently.And the main advantages for this modle is as below: 1.Wheel at the bottom, easy to move 2.DC motor,save energy and quiet 3.High CADR : 600M3/H, suitable for 60-80m2 4.Low noise: lower to be 32.9dB K09A main specs: Particle CADR: 600M3/H Particulates CCM : P4 Gaseous pollutant CADR:200~390m³/h Gaseous […]

What harmful for indoor air purifier? How to solve it? #Air purifier

What harmful for indoor air purifier? How to solve it? #Air purifier The existence of indoor pollutants in the air is determined by its physical and chemical properties and its formation process. Indoor air pollutants can be roughly divided into two categories: gaseous pollutants and particulate pollutants. The decoration materials are nothing more than the […]

RO water purifier wifi

New! Smart WIFI RO water purifier without storage tank

New! Smart WIFI RO water purifier without storage tank It is estimated that it will be put into market in May. Let us expect.   Smart design RO water purifier.  W4/W5/W6 1.Two filter:     RO membrane  0.0001 micro meter   life time 3 years Three in one Compound filter (Carbon stick +PP cotton+ postpone carbon stick) 2. RO, But without water tank, small size, not occupied too much space.  Water flow speed fast, low noise,  The water making can reach 400 Gallon or 600 Gallon;  Water output is 1L per minute. 3. pure water: waster water = 2:1 4.  compound filter replacement time 1 year 5. Flush function 6. WIFI function  

2019 Olansi Canton fair invitation

Dear Olansi parnter(air purifier,water purifier,hydrogen water),warmly welcome to visit Olansi during coming canton fair ,below is booth details. Olansi 125th Canton Fair Invitation 125th Canton Fair PhaseⅠ Date: 15th – 19th April 2019 Booth No.: 5.2 I13   Olansi 125th Canton Fair Invitation 125th Canton Fair Phase III Date: 1st – 5th May 2019 Booth […]

Olansi A3C air purifier support Amazon selling #airpurifier

Olansi launched newest small home air purifier A3C,with below selling point,most important this is only model support Amazon selling. 1.High CADR efficiency with low price,very competitive price; 2.Multi-stage purification,pre-filter+hepa filter+activated carbon filter; 3.Low noise,18dB; 4.Intelligent & simple monitoring,Simple control knob; 5.Safe and secure; 6. UL,CE, CB,ROHS,ERP Approval Pls visit our website for more, www.olansigroup.com    […]

Three hazards of vegetable and fruit residue you should know

    BURDEN ON THE LIVER: The human liver is responsible for breaking down toxins in the body. Vegetable “pesticide residue” into the body, the liver to work through non-stop to resolve toxins, long-term overload of work, it is easy to induce liver cirrhosis, liver water, and other diseases. CAUSE GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASE: The mucosa of […]

10 Tips for using and maintain air purifier

1. Start the air purifier to clean the air according to the environmental pollution. For example, an air purifier that purifies PM2.5 pollution is preferably used in the case of serious air pollution or indoor environmental pollution, which can ensure a good purification effect. If the atmospheric air quality is good, there is no need […]