Air purifier manufacturers to tell you this winter will do three things anti-haze, anti-haze, anti-haze

  Anti-haze, anti-haze, anti-haze important things to say three times.since the winter, the foggy pollution around the rapid growth of anti-haze is also a matter of daily necessities, anti-haze masks and air purifier has become People’s anti-haze weapon, but the air purifier brand, how to choose the right air purifier has become a common problem. […]

Even into a heavy “haze” volts, but also Enron breathing  

  Haze has now become the public enemy in the eyes of everyone, “it” destroyed our living environment, destroyed our homes, so that in the blue sky and white clouds we fall into the “haze” volts, we are clenched teeth , Self-reliance does not “suck” or eliminate “they”, Enron “suck” the I believe that we […]

How does the air purifier work?

Air purification technology is not new. It uses the cloth, cotton, charcoal and other materials as a filter medium, and in our lives, there are countless harmful particles flowing with the air. Now the air purifier filter has developed to a very high level, such as remote control, according to the environment automatically open the […]

oem air purifier feature

Hydrogen rich water,There are so many secrets you don’t know

Four characteristics of hydrogen rich water 1, the hydrogen atom content is 20 times that of ordinary alkaline ionized water, The ability to remove acidic substances in the body is stronger 2, high hydrogen content, alkalescent, negative potential, a small part of the water as a whole, Balance the pH of the body, effectively prevent […]