OLANSI water purifier #waterpurifier

THREE STANDARD AND SEVEN CONDITIONS WHO REGULATED One,water without pollouted (known as purified water) Two, there is no degradation of water (known as live water or reduced water) Three, in line with the physiological needs of the human body water (known as the whole water or as physiological water) Seven conditions for health water: Purification, […]

new year holiday

Olansi Chinese New Year holiday 27th,Jan–11th,Feb. #Olansi holiday

Olansi Chinese New Year holiday Dear all, We will have Chinese New Year holiday from 27th,Jan–11th,Feb. will be back to office from 12th,Feb If you have any inquiry or order plan of air purifier,water purifier,hydrogen water generator,please contact related person in Charge as soon as possible. For more information, please visit www.olansigroup.com Best regards Olansi […]

2019 Olansi annual gathering

2019 Olansi annual gathering Olansi had annual gathering on 19th,Jan,2019.More than 400 staffs had a happy party here, and enjoyed ourselves very much. Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd founded in Guangzhou where it is China’s home appliance manufacturing center since 2009. The last decade, Olansi focused on the R&D design, manufacturing and sales service of air […]

Difference between air pruifier AC motor and DC motor #dcmotor

Performance AC motor technology: – Motor speed is affected by power supply rate – small speed range -Speed control is difficult – large size and high noise   Brushless DC motor technology: -The speed is not affected by the power frequency – Large speed range – Stepless speed regulation, automatic control of speed can be […]

Olansi new air purifier A3C #Airpurifier

Olansi new air purifier A3C A3C small body big effenciency CADR 180m3/h cover area: 8-24m3 HEPA Filter The purification of pollen Filter out PM2.5 Filtered secondhand smoke Kill and remove allergens and bacteria easy to operate, ABS Material, no ozon,No uv radiation   more details pls visit: olansigroup.com

Air purifier

Development prospects of air purifiers

Advantages and disadvantages of air purifiers The home indoor air purifier has the characteristics of flexible operation, simple use, no residue and sustainable action. It is a good helper for the family to purify the air. However, such purifiers, mainly based on dust removal and negative ions, can only retain microorganisms, and Can not kill […]

Dust sensor or Laser sensor for air purifier?#dust sensor#Laser sensor #air purifier

Dust sensor or Laser sensor for air purifier?#dust sensor#Laser sensor #air purifier Air purifier products are different from air conditioners. As far as ordinary consumers are concerned, it is difficult to establish a very intuitive feeling for the effectiveness of the air purifier products they purchase. It is necessary to have relevant monitoring data to […]

Ozone Automatic Fruits Fruit and Vegetable Washer

Do you know? why people be easy to get sick? According to a report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), peaches, apples, sweet peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, kale, lettuce, imported grapes, carrots, and pears which is the 12 fruits and vegetables with the most residual pesticides. Olansi Fruit and Vegetable Washer can resolve this […]

What’s air purifier ionizer’s function? #ionizerairpurifier

Negative ions make the indoor dust, smoke, virus and bacteria together with positive charge, and lose the free floating ability in the air to quickly decrease the air and eliminate the static electricity. At the same time, it can increase the oxygen supply of the brain, promote the circulation of blood and metabolism, and improve […]

What is composite folder carbon filter? amd Fimctional #airfilter

Composite filter, the smaller diameter of the functional particles wrapped in the HEPA filter and support between the layer, so that the air has a greater contact area for the formaldehyde and other pollutants adsorption effect is more significant. And has a lower filter resistance relative to the conventional activated carbon + HEPA combined filter. On […]