What is cold catalyst? Characteristics of cold catalyst

What is cold catalyst? The cold catalyst is also called the low temperature catalyst, and can absorb the formaldehyde. It has a very strong ability to remove formaldehyde. Cold catalyst is another new type of air purification material after Photocatalyst air purification material. Cold catalyst VS photocatalyst The biggest difference between photocatalyst is that it […]

Will an air purifier really help your allergies?

Will an air purifier really help your allergies? If you have indoor environmental allergies the right air purifier can help. Indoor environmental allergies are caused by things like: Dust Dust mites Molds Pet allergens Cockroaches   The right air purifier can also remove irritants like smoke, odors, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These aren’t allergens, […]

Why choose a DC air purifier? For those interested in energy efficiency and the latest air purifier technology, the DC motor is something to be really excited about. Advantage of DC motor: * Quick acceleration * Easy speed control upto 160% of rated value * Series motors can be used for traction in locomotives like […]

Does the air purifier need to be open all day?

Does the air purifier need to be open a whole day? We can analyze from several angles. If your home air quality is excellent or good (AQI<=150), it is recommended not to open it. It doesn’t have to be done on rainy days. When it rains, it will drop dust and suspended matter will fall. […]

How to Maintenance Air purifier

How to Maintenance Air purifier Air purifiers, like water purifiers, require regular cleaning, some need to be replaced with filters, and they are used to maintain their purification. The maintenance and maintenance of the air purifier depends on different brands and different types of air purifiers. First, the filter class purifier: 1. The front filter […]

K08E Air cleaner 4-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

K08E Air cleaner 4-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier 4-in-1 air purifier & humidifier that removes 99% of unwanted pollutants while simultaneously adding moisture to the air in one easy-to-use product. below is the main feutures 1. Air purifier + Ionizer Design + UV lamp (4 in 1)+Humidifier 2. Stage: 7 stage purifying 3. Efficient: Customized […]

WIFI function for K15B air purifier

About the Wi-Fi air purifier: Product size: 40×40×66.9cm CADR: 800m³/h 6 minutes to clean 30 square meters room Area: 56-96㎡   Olansi Air purifier can be used with remote control and Wi-Fi, convenience without limit. Go to get off work and on the way out, but also remote control of home air purifier, to the […]

OLANSI Expected Future Development of Air Purifiers

OLANSI Business Introduction With the general promotion of air purifiers and the increase in market demand, the market for indoor air purification products in China has entered a period of rapid growth. The endless stream of products has made the indoor environment purification and treatment become a hot emerging industry, and some new types of […]

How to buy the good air purifier

How to buy the good air purifier 1, choose to buy channels When purchasing an air purifier, it is recommended to try to purchase it in formal channels such as shopping malls, electrical stores, brand stores, and mainstream e-commerce websites. As of 2013, the brand, function, performance, design, and price of air purifiers are all […]

Air Purifier Market Overview

Air purifier devices are used in removing the contaminants from the air either in closed rooms or in open areas depending on the range and extent of diffusion of the purifiers. The commercially graded air purifiers are usually manufactured as two categories as small stand-alone units or larger units. They are usually been widely used […]