Where are air purifier use?

Where are air purifier use? Air purifiers are used in the home, medical, and industrial fields. Home air purifiers are the main products in the home market. The main function is to remove particles in the air, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, etc. At the same time, it can also solve the indoor, underground space, and […]

New technology compound carbon cloth filter

The new technology compound carbon cloth screen has the following advantages over HEPA filter screen.     1 filter net is more light, reduce transportation cost;   2 the same size filter screen will expand the area and filter more air pollution.   3, containing decomposition of formaldehyde specific particles, can filter small to 20 […]

Olansi K05 car air purifier hot selling in korea

  Product Name : Car Air Purifier Model:OLS-K05 Color:White Chassis Material:ABS Plastic Product Dimension: 74*74*170mm Package Size 210*205*170mm Gross Weight: 500G Net Weight: 250G Voltage: DC 10-15v, 300-500mA PoweR: 8W CADR: 8m3/h Negative Ions: 50 million/cm3 Application Area:Car PM2.5: 99% Noise :20dB Filter High Efficiency HEPA Filter, Remove the formalehyde Filter System Active Loader Waylay […]

Negative ions and UV sterilization of air purifier

Negative ions make the indoor dust, smoke, virus and bacteria together with positive charge, and lose the free floating ability in the air to quickly decrease the air and eliminate the static electricity. At the same time, it can increase the oxygen supply of the brain, promote the circulation of blood and metabolism, and improve […]

What is air purifier?

  Air purifiers, also known as “air cleaners,” air cleaners, and air purification, Air fresher. are those that can absorb, decompose, or convert various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odors, formaldehyde, and the like). , bacteria, allergens, etc.), home appliances that effectively improve the cleanliness of the air, are mainly divided into home, […]

Olansi Air Purifiers benefit– 24 Top Brands

Olansi Air Purifiers benefit– 24 Top Brands 1. Remove indoor PM2.5, pollen, hair and other foreign objects First, compare the air purification efficiency of the filtration process. Passive adsorption purification air purifier adopts the fan + filter mode for air purification, and wind flow of air will inevitably lead to blind spots. Therefore, most of […]

New!! Olansi lanuch K09 air purifier

Today,olansi has launched the new air purifier K09,and is ready for mass order. Pls see below unquie features,pls come to us for talking more. High efficient purification Particle CADR 600m3/h formaldehyde CADR 200m3/h Fast capture active purification only 10 minutes to purify a room with 36㎡ App. Area 42-72㎡ Multiple comprehensive purification H11 Hepa filter […]

the problem of air pollution

Now we are talking about a serious problem that has ben affecting some of the big cities in China or all over the world: that’s air pollution. Which is better known as smog, smog is polluted air that is a mixture of smoke and fog, is not a nice thing to breathe in and also […]

Air purifier

How air purifier development?

How air purifier development? In 1823, John and Charles Dean invented a new type of smoke protection device that would allow firefighters to avoid smoke during fire extinguishing. In 1854, a man named Johns Tennessee made new progress on the basis of the invention of his predecessors: Through several attempts, he learned that adding charcoal […]

after sales problems for air purifier : odor sensor

Air quality alarm: The air quality indicator display red light all the time   Cause: There is the peculiar smell in location; There is hot-gas near the odor sensor, such as the put the machine in front of the air outlet of the air conditioner. The odor sensor to be broken   Solutions: Put the […]