OLANSI water purifier #waterpurifier

THREE STANDARD AND SEVEN CONDITIONS WHO REGULATED One,water without pollouted (known as purified water) Two, there is no degradation of water (known as live water or reduced water) Three, in line with the physiological needs of the human body water (known as the whole water or as physiological water) Seven conditions for health water: Purification, […]

UF water purifier NEW!!!

Water purification experts make life healthier Olansi launch new model UF water purifier. Below is product specifications. Item UF water purifier Item No. WUF1711 Rated total purified water amount. 5 T High quality PP Cotton core filter     3-6    M Water source 2.5 L/min Alkaline stone filter    6-12  M Inlet Water Pressure 0.1-0.4 MPa […]

Olansi water purifier OLS-D charming design for Kitchen use

Olansi water purifier OLS-D charming design for Kitchen use with below advantages:   Large water outlet,3.5l/min; 4-stage filter for purification: pre-filter;activated carbon filter;Alkaline stone filter;Ultra filtration membrane filter; Intelligent monitoring filter life indicator; Smart and modern design with very good reputations;   For more details,refer to www.olansigroup.com

Olansi Tabletop water purifier

Tabletop water purifier Seven stages filter, drinking water safer High quality PP cotton fiber filter Activated carbon + KDF filter Ion exchange resin filter Natural Maifan Stone + Muyu Stone Filter High energy biochemical ceramic filter Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane Silver-loaded composite microcrystalline carbon filter High quality PP cotton fiber filter filtering out the residual […]

AQUATECH Shanghai 2018 is Coming soon!

AQUATECH Shanghai is Coming soon! Olansi will attend the exhibition Date: 2018.5.31- 6.2 Booth No. is 5.2H7190 Add: Shanghai The brand formally entered the Chinese market in 2008, As a major water event in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and other international series of international exhibitions, it has finally thrived in China as […]

Olansi Healthcare Invitation

Olansi Healthcare Invitation Olansi healthcare Co.,Ltd is OEM & ODM factory for air purifier,water purifier,hydrogen water products. We invite you to visit our booth in Canton Fair Details are as below 123rd Canton Fair From 15th to 19th Apr. Booth number: 5.2 E28 Add.: Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Booth number of Phase 3 […]

If we should use a water purifier for family?

Tap water is dirtier than it looks.Even “clean” drinking water that flows from the tap isn’t what most of us would think of as clean. It’s traveled through miles of pipeline, picking up contaminants, pesticides and industrial run-off along the way. It’s been disinfected with potential carcinogens like chlorine, ammonia and or chloramines, then “fortified” […]

Christmas Greetings to All of you!

Olansi healthcare would like to extend warm wishes to you and your family on the joyous occasion of Christmas! Olansi group team wish you the very best and hope for your business and life to be as extraordinary.Everything goes better in a newly years! Thanks for coming to our website and support us. We are […]

The chose of new and good water purification

The chose of new and good water purification According to the structure of the filter element, it is divided into the RO reverse osmosis water purifier, the ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, the energy purifier and the ceramic water purifier.Reverse osmosis (RO) : the filtration accuracy is about 0.0001 micron, which is a high precision membrane […]

Why RO reverse osmosis water purifier?

Why RO reverse osmosis water purifier? Reverse Osmosis water purifiers can remove hard metals like Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Bacterium, Cysts, Pesticides and other contaminants from the water. But, you have to opt for an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS controller. If there is no mineralizer or TDS regulator, useful minerals like calcium […]