air pollution

Haze in Ulaanbaatar

In most big cities the major polluters are cars, but in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar, the culprit is coal.Burned in ‘gers’ is they’re called these traditional homes are off the grid.It’s an ancient way of life but it’s also filling the air with dangerous and unhealthy particular matter. A government study blames pollution for thousands of […]

Does the air purifier need to be open all day?

Does the air purifier need to be open a whole day? We can analyze from several angles. If your home air quality is excellent or good (AQI<=150), it is recommended not to open it. It doesn’t have to be done on rainy days. When it rains, it will drop dust and suspended matter will fall. […]

The hidden dangers of the cabinet are so much!

Now, cabinets have unique technologies in terms of style, craftsmanship, service life, and color, which have attracted the attention of many consumers. However, according to the cabinet sampling results announced in Hunan and other regions, it is shown that the excessive formaldehyde emission has become the main reason for the failure of the overall cabinet […]

Air pollution in Europe

Air pollution harms human health and the environment. In Europe, emissions of many air pollutants have decreased substantially over the past decades, due to in improved air quality across the region. However, air pollutant concentrations are still too high, and air quality problems persist. The Air Quality in Europe report, published late last year by […]