Only 4 days left!!! Olansi willl be Canton Fiair waiting for you.

Only 4 days left!!,Olansi invite you to Booth 5.2i 13 Canton Fair Warmly welcome your visit to our booth during coming 124th canton fair. We will attend Phase1,Phase 3,below the details of our booth,see you on Oct. 124th Canton Fair Phase I From 15th ~ 19th Oct. Booth number: 5.2 I13 Add.: Pazhou International Convention […]

Olansi car air purifier K05

Releasing of Anions   Remove PM2.5   Ultra quiet operation  HEPA  filtering HEPA  filter360°inlet purifiyng Rated Voltage:DC10-15V ,300-500mA Filter : HEPA Filter (Imported material) Filter Method: Active adsorbed filtration Anion concentration:5 million/cm3 CADR 8m3/h Applicable area:Car Air Purifier Net Weight: 250g roduct Size: 74*74*170mm   K05 Car Air Purifier , Create better fresh air for you. Fresh […]

A3 air purifier

Hot new model A3 with CADR 200 M3/H

Olansi new model A3, Hot model   Product characteristics: 200m3/h 20 sq meters’ room with PM2.5 sensor Filter replacement reminder Carbon+ HEAP filter Child-lock   Would you like to learn more and try this product? For more info. pls visit us

Olansi smart new humidifier air purifier K08E Olansi smart new humidifier air purifier K08E 

Olansi smart new humidifier air purifier K08E Olansi smart new humidifier air purifier K08E  1.Full of youthful spirit,   as the sun rising in the east The features of a simple geometric figure, stands for modern elegance. The circle shows up from the right (east), increases air quality display lights around it, likes a beautiful sunrise. 2.Visual […]

Air purifier selection Tips

Air purifier selection Tips First, you should consider the environment and the effects you want to achieve. General indoor air pollution is: 1, dust, viruses, bacteria, mold and insects and other allergens; 2, inhalable organic volatile gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc.; 3, the formation and building decoration materials released helium Radioactive contamination caused […]

What is air purifier functional?

What are the functions of the air purifier? First of all, according to the experts, the indoor air pollution index will be higher than the outdoor, this may be considered by many people. Air purifiers are used to purify indoor air and have a certain role. The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, […]

Air Purifier Market Overview

Air purifier devices are used in removing the contaminants from the air either in closed rooms or in open areas depending on the range and extent of diffusion of the purifiers. The commercially graded air purifiers are usually manufactured as two categories as small stand-alone units or larger units. They are usually been widely used […]

Olansi Advantage in Air Purifier OEM/ODM Foundry Industry

Air Purifier OEM/ODM Market Overview In the international air purifier market, OEM/ODM is one of the most important brand cooperation methods. By entrusting manufacturers with international design trends and advanced technology, the brand can effectively reduce production costs and concentrate on developing new products. So, which of the Chinese air purifier OEM/ODM manufacturers are more […]

Olansi New model–K09 air purifier

Olansi New model–K09 air purifier Product Specification Model No.: K09 Power: 85W (220V/50HZ) CADR: 600 m3/h App Area: 42-72 ㎡ N.W/G.W: 10.5KG/16KG Product Size: 479*269*710mm MOQ : 300PCS Unique Selling Point 1. Air purifier + Ionizer Design (2 in 1) 2. Quality: Top Rated HEPA Filter Produce Clean Air 3. Efficient: GREE Customized Motor,Quiet, Save […]

How long should air purifier be opened a day?

If the local air quality is good, it does not need to be opened at all. If the outdoor air is relatively poor, it is recommended to leave it open. When the outside air quality is good at noon, you can open the window for ventilation. This will have a certain effect. If you are […]