Air Purifier Market Overview

Air purifier devices are used in removing the contaminants from the air either in closed rooms or in open areas depending on the range and extent of diffusion of the purifiers. The commercially graded air purifiers are usually manufactured as two categories as small stand-alone units or larger units. They are usually been widely used […]

Olansi Advantage in Air Purifier OEM/ODM Foundry Industry

Air Purifier OEM/ODM Market Overview In the international air purifier market, OEM/ODM is one of the most important brand cooperation methods. By entrusting manufacturers with international design trends and advanced technology, the brand can effectively reduce production costs and concentrate on developing new products. So, which of the Chinese air purifier OEM/ODM manufacturers are more […]

How long should air purifier be opened a day?

If the local air quality is good, it does not need to be opened at all. If the outdoor air is relatively poor, it is recommended to leave it open. When the outside air quality is good at noon, you can open the window for ventilation. This will have a certain effect. If you are […]

A story about “I”

Adults have an air intake of up to 20-30 kg a day. As we all know, air is the most important material for the maintenance of life. Medicine shows that breathing natural fresh air can promote blood circulation. However, the issue of air quality has always eroded our lives… The World Health Organization survey found […]

Olansi quality evaluaiton center

Evaluation center is the product research and performance evaluation platform that built by ORLANSI with a fortune costs and there are more than 100 units equipment. Product testing ability conforms to the standard authoritative testing institutions and guarantee product quality and performance. It’s established in 2012, over 2000m2 R&D dept and Labs. We have water […]

Is indoor air cleaner than outdoor air?

We always thought that our Indoor environment is cleaner than the city outdoor. This is a myth!! Several studies reveal that Indoor Air is many times polluted than our city outdoor. It is due to Land & Sea breeze that exchanges the outdoor air twice a day. This do not happen in our Indoor due […]

What are the functions for different air purifier filters?

When choosing an air purifier,you may be confused which one I should choose? The mian component for air purifier is filter.It decides which air pollutions the machine can remove and how clean air you can get. Olansi is giving you a guide for different filters as below: 1: Cold Catalyst Filter 1. The catalytic decomposition […]

Air purifier K06 —Provide a healthy environment for your Children.

K06’s CADR is 320 and it’s suitable for 35-40 squre meters room. Why we should choose K06? Because it has 7 stages purifying,giving us 7 stages protections. 1.Aluminum Pre Filter Aluminum pre filter,remove large granule dust,dander,pollen ,floating compound and other pollutants.Washable and reusable. 2.Cold catalyst filter 1)The catalytic decomposition of cold catalyst does not require […]

Olansi air purifier K04

Being at home and relaxing is perhaps one of our favor hobbies. We can wind down from the day and enjoy the freedom of being in our safe place. But one of the most vital luxuries many times goes overlooked – air quality. We rely on air for survival and breathe nearly 35 pounds of […]

Do you want a machine has all of air purifer,humidifer and ionizer?

Olansi air purifier K03 is a good choice for your health. K03 has seven purifications: 1: Cold Catalyst 2: Honeycomb activated carbon filter 3:Antibacterial cotton strainer 4: HEPA Filter 5: Ultraviolet sterilization 6:Negative ion purification 7: Humidifier K03 air purifier advantages: 1. efficient: air handling capacity of 280 cubic meters per hour. 2. Energy: the […]