Who is fit for molecular hydrogen water the most?

Would it be a good fit for an athlete, sports enthusiasts, a stay at home mum, a full time banker or an older retired gentleman suffering from diabetes, an office staff for example? Who will it fit? First of all, people that are still breathing. Those are the ones that drinking water with hydrogen dissolved […]

What is hydrogen-rich water? Dec 12th,2017

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional hydrogen water maker,hydrogen water bottle,hydrogen water machine and hydrogen water generator manufacturer from china. All of our these equipments are good to produce hydrogen-rich water. What is hydrogen-rich water? As the term suggests, “hydrogen-rich water” is water that goes through an electric or chemical reaction, significantly increasing the concentration […]

What benefit for Olansi Hydrogen Water Maker/Generator

For people who are concerned of impurities found in the potable water, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd has now introduced the hydrogen water machines to make hydrogen enriched drinking water. The machine helps producing water that is safe and healthy for drinking. According to the spokesperson of the company, the hydrogen water generator they produce uses […]