Hydrogen water pitcher model B with SPE technology

Hydrogen water pitcher model B with SPE technology Olansi has launched a new SPE Hydrogen water pitcher B  model. With good apperance design and high hydrogen capacity more than 1000ppb. Do you want to learn more? Olansi is a professional manufacturer of  air purifier,water purifier,hydrogen water. with OEM and ODM service since 2009. For details pls come […]

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Benefits of Hydrogen water products

Benefits of Hydrogen water 1.People maintain their metabolism by breathing oxygen in the air. Oxygen enters the body through human breath and burns in the body. Ninety-eight percent of the oxygen is burned to supply the energy needed by humans, but 2% of it will become reactive oxygen species, which is oxygen free radicals. Oxygen […]

Olansi new patents for air purifier and hydrogen water generator

With the new round of changes in science and technology ready to go, the trend of technological innovation leading to social development is increasingly evident. While intellectual property rights provide a powerful guarantee for innovative technologies, it also highlights the core elements of an enterprise’s technological competitiveness. Olansi has insisted on the research, development and […]

Olansi hydrogen water bottle – Model B

Slim and elegant body shape,interpretation of the beauty of the East. Bounce lock, light switch, sealed, watertight. Improved mouth curvature,more fit body design. It’s made with food-grade PC, more safely because of being resistant to heat and cold. One-button operation, reflecting the modern sense of science and technology. Intelligent platinum electrolysis , high efficient electrolysis. […]

How to Choose a good Air Purifiers and Cleaners For your family healthcare

How to Choose a good Air Purifiers and Cleaners For your family healthcare Everyone who needs an air purifier will think which air purifier are good and worthable. Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professiona OEM & ODM air purifier manufacturer above 10 years. they producing negative ion air purifier,active carbon air purifier,hepa air purifier,antibacterial […]