The hidden dangers of the cabinet are so much!

Now, cabinets have unique technologies in terms of style, craftsmanship, service life, and color, which have attracted the attention of many consumers. However, according to the cabinet sampling results announced in Hunan and other regions, it is shown that the excessive formaldehyde emission has become the main reason for the failure of the overall cabinet products. So why do cabinets cause indoor pollution?

1. Plate pollution

Currently, the cabinets sold in the market are mainly plate type cabinets. The main materials required for making plate type cabinets are density plates and particle board. We can collectively call these plate types artificial plates.

Artificial board is made of natural wood and the corner wastes in its processing. After being pressed and bonded, the board is made of formaldehyde. Therefore, formaldehyde is easily contained in the artificial board due to the formaldehyde contained in the adhesive. Cabinets made of artificial sheets may cause pollution to the indoor environment.

2.Tabletop pollution

There are two common types of raw materials for the kitchen countertops. The first is natural marble countertops. This type of countertop has high hardness, wear resistance and durability, and the price is relatively expensive. The second type is artificial stone countertops. Although the quality of artificial stone countertops is not as good as that of marble countertops. , but the price is cheap, can meet the needs of ordinary families.

Therefore, many families will choose to buy cabinets with artificial countertops. However, artificial countertops are made of chemical raw materials and contain adhesive inside, which not only produces odors but also affects indoor air quality.

3.Construction pollution

In addition to the cabinet’s own panels and countertops, it may cause environmental pollution. When the cabinets are installed, improper operation can also lead to environmental problems.

In general, the installation of cabinets requires on-site cutting and assembly. If the seal is not tightly sealed, harmful substances can easily evaporate from the gap. In addition, there are some unscrupulous companies to save costs, the use of inferior glue instead of green rubber, formaldehyde content of inferior glue is excessive, easily cause indoor pollution.

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