Olansi car air purifier K05

Releasing of Anions   Remove PM2.5   Ultra quiet operation  HEPA  filtering HEPA  filter360°inlet purifiyng Rated Voltage:DC10-15V ,300-500mA Filter : HEPA Filter (Imported material) Filter Method: Active adsorbed filtration Anion concentration:5 million/cm3 CADR 8m3/h Applicable area:Car Air Purifier Net Weight: 250g roduct Size: 74*74*170mm   K05 Car Air Purifier , Create better fresh air for you. Fresh […]

Car Air Purifiers or Ionizers for health

Car Air Purifiers or Ionizers for health The Quality of the Air Inside Your Car.When most people think about air pollution, they think about smog, pollen, and other outdoor air quality problems. The next thing that probably comes to mind is indoor air quality, which usually becomes a bigger problem during especially hot or cold […]

Olansi car air purifier K05A

Super clean, fully loaded with health. Sleek curved body design, The lines are smooth and full of beauty. Touch a key to start, easy operation. 360° intake hole, more air intake, Fully capture car pollutants.   High-density barrel HEPA filter, Folding mountain details, The unfolded area is up to 610cm2 and the number of folds […]

Olansi car air purifier K05

The three major performance Filtration physical pollution Pollen. Dust PM2.5.SmokeResolve Chemical Pollution formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene Sterilize Biological pollution Bacteria Germs Mold Purification 1.HEPA fitler 1、Using high temperature melt spray fiber drawing. By combining small particles with a multifunctional filter, the HEPA filter can filter out tiny particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacterial […]

Best Gifts for New year,Portable Olansi Car Air Purifier

Best Gifts for new year ,Portable Olansi Car Air Purifier Each day we tend to feel safe in our car, but the air in the interiors of cars may be even worse than household indoor air. Driving a car can be our single most toxic activity. A busy interstate highway has many sources of pollution; […]