Does the air purifier need to be open all day?

Does the air purifier need to be open a whole day?

We can analyze from several angles. If your home air quality is excellent or good (AQI<=150), it is recommended not to open it. It doesn’t have to be done on rainy days. When it rains, it will drop dust and suspended matter will fall.

If you have high air quality requirements, you can open an hour before going to bed, which saves power.

If the air quality is not very good that day, it depends on the product. It usually takes 4-8 hours, but if you use an air purifier¬†that targets less space, and your space is larger, it will be delayed. time. If your house is a new house, it should be turned on for at least 4 hours a day. When using the air purifier, you should pay attention to the door and window to be closed. The air purifier should be 50 cm or more away from other household appliances. The wall is more than 50 cm away. If it is a side wind, it cannot be placed at the corner of the wall. If your air purifier has an oxygen function, then when the oxygen function is turned on, people can’t be inside, and oxygen is secondary pollution.

If you are in an air-conditioned room, it is best to place the air purifier opposite the air conditioner. This can effectively promote air circulation. Some air purifiers have the function of ozone and increased humidity. This requires extra attention that ozone is harmful to people.

Finally, the concentration of pollutants in the day will be higher in the morning and evening, and will be lower at noon, and the pollutants will spread faster in the sky.

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