What is composite folder carbon filter? amd Fimctional #airfilter

Composite filter, the smaller diameter of the functional particles wrapped in the HEPA filter and support between the layer, so that the air has a greater contact area for the formaldehyde and other pollutants adsorption effect is more significant. And has a lower filter resistance relative to the conventional activated carbon + HEPA combined filter. On the other hand, the composite filter can effectively filter as small as 20 nm and PM2.5 and other harmful particulate matter, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds, at the same time, efficient filtration of a variety of allergens and common bacterial viruses. Filter monolithic weight of about 800g, relatively light. The internal sandwich with a special process after the processing of functional particles, small, the surface is covered with tiny pores, compared with the industry commonly used coal carbon material, its safety and efficiency, will not produce dust, and after processing Of the functional particles, the high specific surface area of ​​their own, but also increased the chemical adsorption and catalytic role, increased the amount of adsorption at the same time, but also catalytic oxidation of organic compounds in the air, so that it is converted to CO2 and H2O, a fundamental solution to pollution problems , To avoid saturation due to adsorption after the formaldehyde caused by secondary pollution, so relatively speaking, this composite filter CCM value higher.

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