Most popular air purifier on market #airpurifier

At present, the most popular air purifiers are divided into two categories, one is a HEPA filter air purifier, and the other is an negative ion air purifier using negative ion purification. Among them, the filter type air purifier generally adopts the HEPA filter to absorb dust, bacteria and floating particles in the air to effectively improve the air cleanliness. However, the filtration effect of harmful micro-particles of several nanometers that can enter the lungs such as PM2.5, the main pollutant of smog, is almost zero.

The negative ion air purifier is different. It is an environmentally optimized electric appliance that purifies, dedusts, deodorizes and sterilizes the air by using negative ions generated by itself. It uses negative ions to actively attack and purify the air, completely subverting the purification method of passive adsorption of ordinary air purifiers. The traditional air purifier is a fan that draws air. The filter is used to filter the dust to purify the air. It is called the passive adsorption filter type purification principle. The filter screen needs to be replaced regularly, and the air purification area is limited, only to the small area near the air purifier. effective. The negative ion air purifier adopts the natural factor negative ion active attack method, and utilizes the characteristics of dust removal, dust reduction, sterilization and detoxification of the negative ions to optimize the indoor air, so that the whole room is filled with negative ions.

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