If your products have the battery and want to ship out to somewhere by DHL /FedEx/ TNT or UPS, you maybe need to offer them a testing report which name is MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).   What’s good news for Olansi’s partner is you don’t need to worry about it since our products […]

benefit of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water can neutralize ROS, Reactive Oxygen Species which are notorious for destroying normal cells or distorting DNAs. Besides, you can also enjoy helpful minerals dissolved in hydrogen water. Hydrogen-Rich Water or hydrogenated water contains active hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants in your body. The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute […]

what is the benefits of hydrogen water

Hydrogen Water Generator can be used anywhere, anytime to produce very strong antioxidant fresh hydrogen-rich water! Olansi Hydrogen Water Maker provides the water that contains high active hydrogen. The molecular of Hydrogen is much much smaller thatn the antioxidant substances like vitamin etc. It’s well absorbed in each cell, combines greatly with activated oxygen. This […]

Olansi healthcare hydrogen water jar OLS-H3

Olansi hydrogen water jar OLS-H3 got very popular selling in USA,spain,korea,indonesia etc market. Below share the details: Product Item :Hydrogen Water Machine Color: White or Customized Size: 210*182*336mm Net Weight: 2.7KG Volume: 1.6L Water temperature:1-50℃ Hydrogen Content:Above 1000ppb Material:PC(Pitcher), PP(Filter’s housing), generator(Titanium platinum), ABS(appearance), silica gel(sealing element) Filter:Calcium sulfite filter remove the Residual chlorine Voltage:100-240V/0.4A […]

Olansi warmly welcome your visit to canton fair phase 3 booth # 11.2B39

Olansi healthcare co,.ltd focus on healthcare products over 10 years,manufacturing for air purifier,hydrogen water,water purifier. Most heating healthcare products in the market share: the hydrogen water products,kindly refer to below details. What is the benefit of Hydrogen Water ? Improving Metabolism Eliminate Inflammation Allergies Helped Remove Fatigue Slimming Beauty Enhances Memory Anti-Aging Inhibits Tumor Hydrogen […]

Mineral Rich Hydrogen Water

If the water has high hydrogen content with mineral rich, will you want to buy it? May be not, since you don’t know the benefit for them yet, right? 1. Mineral rich water. Mineral Rich Water solves problems of pH, acidity, poor hydration, and nutrient deficiencies within the body。 We all should know that today’s […]

Benefits of Olansi hydrogen water generators

Olansi professional to tell you the benefits of hydrogen water, 1) Reducing, eliminating free radicals from the body, effectively improving sub-health; 2) Enhances cell activity and permeability, delays aging; 3) Enhances skin elasticity, prevents pigmentation, and age spots 4) Accelerate the discharge of harmful substances and promote metabolism For more details,you can visit our website: […]

Olansi hydrogen water bottle – Model B

Slim and elegant body shape,interpretation of the beauty of the East. Bounce lock, light switch, sealed, watertight. Improved mouth curvature,more fit body design. It’s made with food-grade PC, more safely because of being resistant to heat and cold. One-button operation, reflecting the modern sense of science and technology. Intelligent platinum electrolysis , high efficient electrolysis. […]

Olansi Healthcare Invitation

Olansi Healthcare Invitation Olansi healthcare Co.,Ltd is OEM & ODM factory for air purifier,water purifier,hydrogen water products. We invite you to visit our booth in Canton Fair Details are as below 123rd Canton Fair From 15th to 19th Apr. Booth number: 5.2 E28 Add.: Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Booth number of Phase 3 […]

Olansi told you what is Hydrogen water

Hydrogen water principle Hydrogen is produced by electrolytic electrolysis. When current passes through water (H2O), hydrogen is formed at the cathode and oxygen is at the anode form. The positively charged ions move toward the cathode, and the minerals dissolved in water are positively charged with calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. Ions form at the cathode, […]