Quick Details for 350 ml olansi hydrogen water bottle 

Quick Details for 350 ml olansi hydrogen water bottle  Type: Ionizer Use: Make Hydrogen Rich Water Certification:CB, CE, RoHS, ISO, CCC, ERP, FDA Power (W):5 Voltage (V):5 Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Olansi Model Number:OLS-H4 Product name:Hydrogen Water Bottle Color:Pink, White Volume:280ml Material:PC/AS/EASTMAN TRITAN Charging:USB Temperature:1-80℃ Hydrogen Content:1000ppb Net Weight:320g Battery:1200mAH Electrolytic time:1Mins   […]

hydrogen skin care mist 2019

Hydrogen-rich water, also calls the water H2 water, is in one kind of water contains the hydrogen molecular water. It has been proved that the unique anti-oxidation effect of hydrogen can effectively clear away the malignant free radicals in the human body, activate the human body cells, delay aging, remove the harmful substances in the […]

Hydrogen water functional #hydrogenwater

Academicians Zhong Nanshan, Wu Mengchao, Wang Hongyang, Xia Zhaofan, Wang Zhongcheng and others also actively participated in the research of hydrogen medicine. Academician Zhong Nanshan stated at the World Thoracic Conference on April 16, 2016 that “hydrogen molecules are mainly for chronic diseases, and the most basic one is antioxidant. The strengthening effect of stress […]

Hydrogen water

NEW ! H9 Model Enjoy more healthy life

NEW ! H9 Model Enjoy more healthy life ≧1000ppb hydrogen rich High concentration hydrogen-rich water Small molecule water Negative potential water Microelectrolysis Titanium plated electrolytic sheet Ionic membrane Activated carbon adsorption ≧10 times of electrolysis 5 minutes electrolysis time Charging time 3-4 hours ORP -200-0mv Cool colorful lights Always master the state of electrolysis Food […]

Olansi hydrogen water machine B model #hydrogenwater

Olansi hydrogen water machine B model,ready for marketing now,with below functions and selling points: Hydrogen Oxygen separation   no residual chlorine,800PPb or above; Negative potential; Excellent quality elegant appearance; Improve body PH level with alkaline water; Rotary magnetic function,to make a certain flow rate of water perpendicularly cut magnetic lines to magnetize water;   More details pls […]

Olansi hydrogen water bottle – Model B ( Pink, White, Green)

Olansi hydrogen water bottle – Model B Three colors    PINK   GREEN  WHITE Slim and elegant body shape,interpretation of the beauty of the East. Bounce lock, light switch, sealed, watertight. Improved mouth curvature,more fit body design. It’s made with food-grade PC, more safely because of being resistant to heat and cold. One-button operation, reflecting the […]

Olansi hydrogen water bottle OLS-A

Olansi hydrogen water bottle A type,with giftbox packing. Best choice for Christmas gift,welcome to talk with us for more details of hydrogen water. Below share the packing photos with you.   More details,come to www.olansigroup.com

Why do you choose nano-electrolysis hydrometer?

why do you choose nano-electrolysis hydrometer? Electrolysis of hydrogen-rich water Japan is also known as “hydrogen water” and Newton science magazine believes that hydrogen-rich water can improve human health and moisturize skin. The health benefits of enriched hydrogen water are well documented in scientific papers. It helps to rejuvenate not only your internal organs but […]

Hydrogen Spray Beauty machine

Hydrogen Spray Beauty machine   NEW model!   Product Name:    Hydrogen Spray machine Product features: hydrogen-rich water, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory skin Product parameters: Hydrogen-rich concentration (hydrogen content): >8000PPB Water tank volume: 25mL, can be used for more than 2 days normally Battery: 400mA Electrolysis times: 15 times or more Charging method: USB Visualization effect: LED mapping […]

Unique Selling Point for Olansi hydrogen water maker

【Unique Selling Point 】 * Design patent for hydrogen maker. * Roating function which good for TV shopping or quickly selling. * SPE technology and PEM membrane electrolysis avaiable. * Available purified water (RO water). * Make PURE hydrogen water,NO O3,NO CHLORINE and other OXIDES. * High rich H2 concentration for 800-1300ppb. * Separate Hydrogen […]