Olansi newest portable air purifier K09A

Newest portable model K09A is releasing recently.And the main advantages for this modle is as below: 1.Wheel at the bottom, easy to move 2.DC motor,save energy and quiet 3.High CADR : 600M3/H, suitable for 60-80m2 4.Low noise: lower to be 32.9dB K09A main specs: Particle CADR: 600M3/H Particulates CCM : P4 Gaseous pollutant CADR:200~390m³/h Gaseous […]

10 Tips for using and maintain air purifier

1. Start the air purifier to clean the air according to the environmental pollution. For example, an air purifier that purifies PM2.5 pollution is preferably used in the case of serious air pollution or indoor environmental pollution, which can ensure a good purification effect. If the atmospheric air quality is good, there is no need […]

Most popular air purifier on market #airpurifier

At present, the most popular air purifiers are divided into two categories, one is a HEPA filter air purifier, and the other is an negative ion air purifier using negative ion purification. Among them, the filter type air purifier generally adopts the HEPA filter to absorb dust, bacteria and floating particles in the air to […]

Olansi new small air purifier A3B #airpurifier

Specs: Power: under 43W CADR: 200M3/H Voltage:220V/110V Product size: 400*230*620mm Applicable area: 20-25 sq meters   Feature: PM2.5 Sensor -Intelligent remote control is far from being mastered (optional) -Air quality PM2.5 Real time display -Filter replacement reminder -two side handles,Free to move, easy and convenient   Safty design: -Child lock design,When the mode is turned […]

What’s funtion for ionizer or negative ion or anion ? #ionizer

Usually there is ionizer function in air purifier. What’s funtion for ionizer or negative ion or anion then? 1. Principle of negative ion generator: the input of 220V V is converted into high frequency and high voltage through the oscillator circuit,and it is converted into high frequency and high voltage DC20KV by means of the […]

Difference between air pruifier AC motor and DC motor #dcmotor

Performance AC motor technology: – Motor speed is affected by power supply rate – small speed range -Speed control is difficult – large size and high noise   Brushless DC motor technology: -The speed is not affected by the power frequency – Large speed range – Stepless speed regulation, automatic control of speed can be […]

What’s air purifier ionizer’s function? #ionizerairpurifier

Negative ions make the indoor dust, smoke, virus and bacteria together with positive charge, and lose the free floating ability in the air to quickly decrease the air and eliminate the static electricity. At the same time, it can increase the oxygen supply of the brain, promote the circulation of blood and metabolism, and improve […]

Elegant design newest basic model A3A #indoorairpurifier

Small size and efficiency Active capture, rapid purification. particulatesCADR 200m³/h. Application area 8-25㎡. size 325*172*510mm   Low noise Front three-dimensional air intake design. AC motor. New air outlet process reduces windage. Optimize the air duct process   Intelligent monitoring PM2.5 infrared sensor. Touch button. Filter life monitoring reminder.   Safe and secure Child lock lock, […]