Olansi newest portable air purifier K09A

Newest portable model K09A is releasing recently.And the main advantages for this modle is as below: 1.Wheel at the bottom, easy to move 2.DC motor,save energy and quiet 3.High CADR : 600M3/H, suitable for 60-80m2 4.Low noise: lower to be 32.9dB K09A main specs: Particle CADR: 600M3/H Particulates CCM : P4 Gaseous pollutant CADR:200~390m³/h Gaseous […]

10 Tips for using and maintain air purifier

1. Start the air purifier to clean the air according to the environmental pollution. For example, an air purifier that purifies PM2.5 pollution is preferably used in the case of serious air pollution or indoor environmental pollution, which can ensure a good purification effect. If the atmospheric air quality is good, there is no need […]

What’s funtion for ionizer or negative ion or anion ? #ionizer

Usually there is ionizer function in air purifier. What’s funtion for ionizer or negative ion or anion then? 1. Principle of negative ion generator: the input of 220V V is converted into high frequency and high voltage through the oscillator circuit,and it is converted into high frequency and high voltage DC20KV by means of the […]

new year holiday

Happy Chinese New Year! #airpurifier

Dear all, We will have Chinese New Year holiday from 25th,Jan–11th,Feb. will be back to office from 12th,Feb If you have any inquiry or order plan of air purifier,water purifier,hydrogen water generator,please contact related person in Charge as soon as possible. For more information, please visit www.olansigroup.com Best regards Olansi health care Co.,Ltd

Difference between air pruifier AC motor and DC motor #dcmotor

Performance AC motor technology: – Motor speed is affected by power supply rate – small speed range -Speed control is difficult – large size and high noise   Brushless DC motor technology: -The speed is not affected by the power frequency – Large speed range – Stepless speed regulation, automatic control of speed can be […]

Olansi new factory #olansi

  The Olansi Healthcare Industry Science and Technology Park project is located in Nansha, Guangzhou, and belongs to the area of the Rugao Town. The project product planning and construction covers an area of more than 40 acres, building high-end business districts, ten-level dust-free production workshops, international advanced production equipment, living and working facilities and […]

Happy Thanksgiving !

10 years ago,Olansi healthcare Co.,Ltd starts from with 6 people. Will all clients support, we have developed to be 500 people, 60,0000 m2 work place now, and cover 3 product lines: air purifier, water purifier and hydrogen water.   Grateful to be with all of you! Bless health always with you! Olansi healthcare Co.,Ltd wish […]

Newest air purifier model K15B for big space

K15B is the newest model released in Novenber for 80-100 sq meters. CADR value reach 800m³/h H12 high-efficiency composite clamp carbon cloth filter DOUBLE AIR DUCT, DOUBLE FILTER Dual forward wind turbines increases air flow, dislocation blade design Quickly stirs room air, allowing clean air to flow quickly to every corner   FRESH BREATH AND […]

Olansi new product: Hydrogen-rich spray!

Makeup hydrating, remove makeup, soothing It is super strong in the afternoon and easy to remove makeup. Spray a layer of hydrogen-rich water after makeup While hydrating and controlling oil, it also makes the makeup last longer; After removing makeup, spray a layer of hydrogen-rich water to soothe sensitive skin.   Deep cleaning to remove […]